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Vermont Creamery produces high quality cheeses and dairy products using local ingredients while supporting and developing family farms. They have won more than 100 national and international awards. Vermont Creamery takes special pride in sustaining a team of family farms and creamery artisans with a collective goal: to make great butter and cheese for discerning and appreciative eaters, for home cooks and for discriminating chefs.

Vermont Creamery began with two young visionaries devoted to new and non-traditional agriculture, Allison Hooper and Bob Reese. While working on a dairy farm in Brittany, France, Allison Hooper—then a college student--took careful note of milk production and culture. After each milking, she set the cream aside. Natural, lactic bacteria took over, ripening it into cultured cream or crème fraîche. When she viewed workers churning the thick cream into butter, she knew she had learned something valuable.

Bob Reese, the grandson of dairy farmers, received a college degree in agriculture.  In 1984, Bob was in charge of a Vermont agricultural dinner celebration. He desperately needed a locally made goat cheese for the French chef’s signature lamb dish. He contacted Allison who was then working at a dairy lab and milking goats in Brookfield. Allison made the chèvre on the farm and Bob delivered it to the chef. The result was a successful dinner and the birth of Vermont Creamery.

Vermont Creamery cultures fresh, high-quality Vermont cream from the local St. Albans Cooperative, a coop of 500 family farms in Northeast Vermont. They churn the cream in small batches to yield a rich European-style butter with 86% butterfat, a silky smooth texture, and a uniquely rich and nutty flavor. Use the butter on warm crusty bread, at high temperatures for a perfect pan sear, or in pie crust and cookies for superior elasticity and flakiness.


Vermont Creamery
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