Making Homemade Butter

Making homemade butter is fun, easy and delicious.  All you need is heavy cream and a mason jar.


1. Purchase quality heavy cream. Let the cream sit out for 12 hours before making. This allows the cream to ferment/sour.


3. As you are shaking, you will first see that the liquid clings to the sides the jar. Keep Shaking.


5. Open the jar and you can see the butter. The liquid is buttermilk.


2. Shake jar in a firm downward motion. (Like holding a hammer with two hands and hammering a nail) 


4. After about 3 minutes of shaking you will start to feel something solid sloshing around. The liquid doesn't cling to the jar anymore. 


6. Pour out the buttermilk and save to use for baking or drinking. 


7. Rinse off the excess buttermilk with water. Rinse and drain until water runs clear.


8. The butter is ready to use. Add salt if desired. Yum!