Epicure Walnut Butter


This delicious nutty butter is perfect to cook poultry or any kind of white meat. It also tastes great on toast or a slice of banana bread.


1/2 c  chopped walnuts

8 tbsp  butter


Blanch and peel fresh walnuts

Crush them coarsely and roast them (5 minutes) on the grill or pan

When nuts have cooled, stir them into softened butter

Roll into log and refrigerate until firm



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Thank you to Epicure and chef Eric Frechon for this recipe.

I posted about them here.

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This recipe was shared in a serving size fit for a restaurant, I divided the original recipe ingredients by eight.  

Epicure Walnut Butter original recipe:

Walnuts 600 gr
Butter 1 kg of salted butter