Mural Room - Jackson Lake Lodge


Sometimes restaurants or chefs send me photos but don't send any details about their butter. I will be posting a few of these in the next few weeks.

Restaurant: Located in the Grand Teton National Park, in Moran, Wyoming, The Mural Room is one of several restaurants located in the Jackson Lake Lodge. The Mural Room offers a culinary experience with a twist, which defines Rocky Mountain cuisine that is the perfect complement to the views. Many say the panoramic views of the Teton Range from the Mural Dining Room are the finest in any National Park. Diners enjoy views of wide expansive fields surrounding a blue mountain lake, with moose, elk, and bison wandering close by.

Chef:  Chef Joshua Conrad has over 15 years experience in fine dining and back-of-house management at destination resort hotels and restaurants.  He is currently oversees five Grand Teton Lodge Company kitchens at 5 different properties and 18 dining rooms. Chef Conrad offers local buffalo, sustainable seafood that includes local trout, wild caught salmon and all natural organic beef—all prepared fresh at the on-site butcher shop, along with warm bread rolls from the onsite bakery.

Butter: Mural Room waiters serve butter molded into a moose shape, fitting for the location!

Mural Room
Jackson Lake Lodge
Grand Teton National Park
101 Jackson Lake Lodge Rd, Moran, WY 83013
(307) 543-2811

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