99 Restaurante - Santiago, Chile


Restaurant: Located in the heart of Santiago, 99 serves inventive, modern tasting menus featuring the best Chilean products from land and sea. Though gastronomically sophisticated, 99’s décor is casual and comfortable. In 99’s two years of existence, both executive chef Kurt Schmidt and pastry chef Gustavo Saez have developed a deep appreciation for Chilean local ingredients. They have established relationships with the farmers and producers who give them the delicious and diverse products, from the north to the south, of this very long country.

99 Restaurante is on the Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants list for 2015 and 2016.


Chefs:   Chef Kurt Schmidt is the creator and owner of 99. After studying French cooking, Schmidt opened a tiny lunch café and De Raiz, a catering business where he offered tasting menus and pop up dinners.  His first apprentice experiences in Chile were with Cristopher Carpentier and Borago’s chef Rodolfo Guzmán. He travelled around the world gaining experience in famous restaurants such as Noma, Arzurmendi and Aponiente. Schmidt has an innovative way of working; he treats each member of 99’s team as part of his family. He always looks forward to working side by side with different chefs and restaurants, creating supportive programs as “The Solidary Table”.


After working at some of the best restaurants in the world, such as Celler de Can Roca, D.O.M and Boragó, young pastry chef Gustavo Saez is now Sub Chef and the man behind the delicious and innovative pastries and desserts of 99. Breaking schemes and creating a completely new style of doing pastry in Chile, Gustavo will be the first chef to represent Chile at France’s Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie, world’s most important challenge for pastry chefs.

Butter:  The first dish that arrives at 99’s table is the bread basket with two types of homemade and naturally fermented bread, one Italian, the other with nuts and raisins. Served with the bread is a very special butter mounted on a copper surface. (Copper is the most important and noble mineral produced in Chile.)  

The butter comes from a farm in rural Purranque, located in southern Chile. The butter is mixed with dried wild mushrooms, which also come from the south. With all the earthy flavors from the southern forests, the butter is finally finished with a coastal salt from the south-central village of Cahuil, where natural salt pools yield salt with their own Denomination of Origin. The salt has been harvested annually for 500 hundred years by salt makers who continue to extract it manually. 

99 Restaurante
Andrés de Fuenzalida 99, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile
+56 2 2335 3327

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