Smör - Smjör - Smør


One of my favorite things is to taste butter from new places. Soon I will be traveling to Sweden, Norway and Iceland and will have the opportunity to try their butters. 

Smör  -  Swedish for butter

Smør  -  Norwegian for butter

Smjör  -  Icelandic for butter

I read that Sweden has some of the best laws for farm animal welfare in the world.  Dairy cows must be allowed out to pasture during the summer months. This news makes me very happy. I love hearing that people value humane treatment of animals. I would think that this makes the Swedish butter all the better.

I don’t know much about Norwegian butter other than that in late 2011 they had a “butter crisis” due to an acute shortage of butter. The shortage caused soaring prices and stores' ran out of stock within minutes of deliveries.

In Iceland, the use of growth hormones and steroids in raising cattle is completely banned and there are strict rules regarding the use of and access to antibiotics in agriculture in Iceland. That is a good policy!

I will post about the butters that I find, follow me on Instagram.

If you know of a Swedish, Norwegian or Icelandic butter brand that I should try, please let me know!