Saaga  -  Helsinki, Finland

Restaurant: Saaga is located in the heart of Helsinki, Finland’s capital city. A traditional Lappish restaurant, Saaga offers the genuine taste, atmosphere and experience of Lapland. The name Lapland refers to the land inhabited by the Sami people, indigenous to northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. In the Sami language, “Saaga” means “story.” Saaga’s chefs co-operate with several small Lappish and Finnish food producers to guarantee good-quality and specialized ingredients. Their menu offers northern delicacies such as bear, reindeer, mushrooms, Arctic char (cold-water fish), and Lappish cheese. Even the tableware is authentically Lappish: wooden mugs, cast iron pots and wooden platters. Saaga gives its guests an authentic Lappish experience without the long trip to Lappland.

Butter:  Saaga’s waiters serve juniper berry butter with homemade barley bread and potato rieska -Lappish flat bread with fresh cubes of Juniper berry butter.

Commentary:  “Butter,” say the Saaga chefs, “is a base for everything! It gives the right taste, texture and richness to food.”

Bulevardi 34, 00120 Helsinki, Finland
358 9 7425 5544 

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