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Hi, my name is Alisa and I am a butter enthusiast, graphic designer, and jewelry designer living in Northern California.

I never gave up butter when margarine was all the rage. For me, freshly baked bread and quality butter remains one of the best parts of dining out. Normally I dive in as soon as the breadbasket hits the table. But lately I’ve been taking pause — taking time to appreciate the design of the presentation, the sculptural aspects of the butter. I realize that the chefs and I have something in common: a deep love for butter. I collect restaurant butter photos and everywhere I look, I find chefs who are treating butter like it’s something worthy of time, effort and detail.


How the butter blog started

The idea for a butter blog started when I dined at Scott Howard in San Francisco. The waiters brought out the bread and butter and the butter display was so pretty that I took a photo. I was amazed that a chef would put so much effort into the design of something so basic as a pat of butter. I shouldn't have been surprised, as chefs are artists. Their attention to detail goes far beyond the taste of the meal. Deciding to search for creative butter displays, I contacted over 750 restaurants, pored over thousands of websites, and looked at countless butter images.  Chefs enthusiastically shared stories, photos and recipes. I was thrilled with the level of originality. It didn't seem fair to keep it all to myself, and that was how Butter Journal was born.



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