Juni - New York City


Restaurant:  Juni, Latin for June, is appropriately named for the fresh, local, and seasonal menu it offers. Juni is located in the Chandler Hotel in midtown Manhattan. The 50-seat restaurant features four- and six-course tasting menus and a 10-course prix fixe which the chef designs.  

Chef:  Australian born Chef Shaun Hergatt has made it to the top in New York’s frenzied restaurant scene. Before this post, he served stints in Sydney, Miami and Washington, D.C., that helped earned Michelin recognition for the restaurants.

Butter:  Juni serves three delicately flavored butters in long cylinders, paired with freshly baked bread: sage-seasoned butter, traditional salted French butter, and the restaurant’s specialty—butter laced with truffle. Each spread is more decadent than the last.

Commentary:  “There’s nothing better than spreading butter on fresh, warm bread,” says Chef Hergatt. “It sets the tone for the rest of the meal experience.” His first memory of butter? Slathering his morning toast with “hand-churned butter from the farm that was unsalted and from fresh unpasteurized milk.