Chef and Sommelier - Helsinki


Restaurant:  Chef & Sommelier, located in Finland, Helsinki’s Ullanlinna district, serves organic cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere.  The four-year old restaurant features natural and fair trade ingredients and earned a Michelin star in 2014.

Chef:  Chef Sasu Laukkonen is a mostly self-taught chef from Finland’s capital city. He has worked for over 15 years in a succession of Michelin-recognized restaurants.  Before establishing Chef & Sommelier in Helsinki, Chef Laukkonen prepared food for noteworthy establishments in British Columbia and Stockholm, Sweden.  Once back in the capital, Chef Laukkonen mastered the art of fine French cuisine as the sole chef of the Michelin-recognized restaurant La Petite Maison.

Butter:  Chef & Sommelier staff start their butter routine by fermenting double cream and Finnish sour cream for 24 hours at room temperature. They whip the cream into butter, add salt, and then waiters serve the rich spread with flavored sea salt, rose hips, dried yarrow, or bitter greens.

Commentary: Chef Laukkonen believes that homemade butter should be an everyday indulgence, not just for special occasions.

Chef and Sommelier
Huvilakatu 28, 00150, Helsinki, Finland
358 400 959440

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