Richard Rosendale


I first contacted Chef Richard Rosendale when he was the executive chef at The Greenbriar, a National Historic Landmark and world-class resort. He was serving the radish butter terrine at private dinners.


Chef:  Raised in Uniontown, PA, Rich Rosendale’s love of food and cooking was inspired and nurtured by two great cooks—his grandmothers. Rosendale attended culinary school and classically trained in Norway, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Northern Italy, and some of the finest kitchens in the United States, including a six-year apprenticeship under seven Certified Master Chefs.

Chef Rosendale has received many awards and accolades during is career. A few of the milestones include:

-   Making his television debut on CBS’s Recipe Rehab

-   Completing a 130-hour cooking exam and earning the title of Certified Master Chef

-   Representing the United States, placing in the top third at the biennial 2013 Bocuse d’Or competition in Lyon, France

-   Serving as the youngest Executive Chef in The Greenbrier’s 200+ year history, opening five new restaurants and launching the 44-acre Greenbrier Farm


Butter: The idea for the radish butter terrine was inspired by the delicious combination of eating radishes and butter together. The layered terrine is to be eaten with crusty bread.  

Commentary:  When Chef Rosendale was Chef de Cuisine at The Greenbrier, they averaged one pound of butter per guest. “Butter is something that we would use to carry flavor.” He said. “It was used to enhance flavors, butter was a critical ingredient on our kitchen for many reasons.” They would rest meat in it, sous vide vegetables in it and baste fish with it.