A Better Butter Taste Test

Thank you  Walter Green   for allowing me to post the above photo

Thank you Walter Green for allowing me to post the above photo

I just read Walter Green's entertaining article "Classic Butter Taste" in the current Lucky Peach Magazine. (Thanks Wanderlust Designer for the heads up!) I have read my share of butter taste tests, but Green's is by far my favorite. 

Photo Credit:   Aleksandra Kingo

Photo Credit: Aleksandra Kingo

This is not your typical butter-tasting article; not only does Green offer his opinions on the taste and texture of 23 different brands of butter ("It tastes a lot like butter. It's more mild than the last one. But still buttery.") he also comments on package design, shape retention, shares a few anagrams, and so much more.

Have you ever read an article (listened to a song, watched a movie) and thought, "I want whoever is responsible for this to be my friend!" That is how I feel about Green. Anyone who can write a six page article about tasting butter and have me laughing out loud is someone I want around. 

Go pick up a copy of Lucky Peach, you are going to want to read this.