Jean-Yves Bordier

“I’ll only let the butter from Jean-Yves Bordier cross my lips.” Admits best selling author, pastry chef, and popular food blogger David Lebovitz.

Both the son and grandson of cheesemongers, Jean-Yves Bordier became a butter and cheese craftsman in Saint-Malo, France in 1985, taking over the House of Creamery Butter. Bordier rediscovered and perfected the art of mixing butter, a traditional method from the 19th century. As a cheesemonger, Jean -Yves Bordier’s butter perfecting technique is legendary. His goal is to work with the highest quality milk in accordance with the traditions. The milk comes from Brittany and Normandy farms that practice organic, sustainable farming. These farmers pay particular attention to the care of cows, how they are treated and fed. The milk matures slowly for two days to thicken and develop its aromatic complexity. Churned, kneaded by hand, and salted, by Bordier’s trained staff, the butter is shaped by using two paddles.  

Chefs, restaurateurs and hoteliers can custom design butter to their wishes; weight, shape, amount of salt, and added flavor to make it uniquely their own. In addition to traditional sweet and salted butter, Bordier offers a variety of flavored butters, such as seaweed, smoked, garlic herb, lemon olive oil and Madagascar Vanilla, to name a few.

“The best butter I've ever tasted was a tiny, bright yellow disk that was delivered to my table with bread at Restaurant Jean in Paris.” Recalls Todd Coleman, former executive food editor of Saveur, accomplished photographer and author. “Each bite contained a universe of flavors—saline, floral, earthy, nutty—painted on a canvas of cream.” That butter was Bordier.


La Fromagée Jean-Yves Bordier 

9 rue de l’Orme – 35400 Saint Malo Intra Muros  02 99 40 88 79
6 av Révérend Père Umbricht – 35400 Saint Malo 02 23 18 09 97
Halles Centrales – 35000 RENNES 02 99 79 42 03
14 av Charles de Gaulle 94100 Saint-Maur-des-Fossés – 01 48 89 43 20
Le Bistro Autour du Beurre 9 rue de l’orme – 35400 Saint Malo Tel : 02 23 18 25 81

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